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by R McLaughlin - Friday, 21 June 2019, 12:33 PM

The Catering Department is looking to organise the culinary and taste experience of a lifetime. The trip will run for 4 days and 3 nights during the Easter holidays of April 2020.  The tour is being offered to all Year 9 and 10 students who have studied or are studying Catering and considering taking at GCSE level.  The attractions we will visit directly link to aspects of both the KS3 and KS4 Catering courses. Therefore, we hope that this trip is taken up by students with a keen interest in studying catering at a higher level. The trip will involve flying to Italy, stopping first at Naples and then the sun drenched Amalfi Coast, one of Italy’s most popular destinations, making it the perfect place for a Food Technology trip. The climate is perfect for growing Lemons, Olives and for eating traditionally made Gelato.  During the trip, students will learn the secrets of traditional pizza making, visit a working Mozzarella Farm, take a class in Ice Cream making or have a tour of an Olive Oil Factory.  A visit to Sorrento would not be complete without having some time to explore some of the local towns and have some time for sightseeing. After the success of last year’s trip we have also added an afternoon exploring the archaeological site of Pompeii.


The cost of the trip will be approximately £591, on the basis of 20 students attending, and £550 on 40 students attending.  This is based upon current flight price estimates, and could change either way by up to 10%.  This price will also include airfares/coaching, hotel accommodation, breakfast and evening meals, and entrance fees to places stated above. We are aware that this amount of money would need to be paid in instalments, so we would initially require a deposit of £200 to secure a place on the trip. Our intention is to give parents approximately 7 months to pay for this to ensure it is a viable option for all students.  Unfortunately, as this tour is not integral to the Catering curriculum, there will be no availability for funding from Pupil Premium.  If the trip goes ahead, payment will be made in stages, with the first deposit of £200 to be paid at the time of booking.  The second deposit of £85 will need to be paid 6 weeks after initial booking.  The balance payment will be due 10 weeks before departure.


Lode Heath School reserves the right to remove pupils from the trip if they fail to fulfil the requirements outlined in our school behaviour contract. Removal from the trip could result in loss of any monies paid. Pupils must have good or excellent attitude to learning and behaviour for learning score consistently in all subjects, and remain in a positive credit/debit balance from now up until the trip. If you have concerns about your child’s behaviour and potential to put their place on the trip at risk, please use the school’s Insight system to monitor credits/debits and behaviour and discuss this with them.


At this stage I am trying to gather initial interest in the trip.  If your child would be interested in taking part please complete the slip below and return to me by Monday 1July 2019.